Landlord Gas Check

A Landlord Gas Check is a legislative requirement which provides compliance for Landlords and safety assurance for tenants. Media advertising over recent years has helped to improve the knowledge required to make sure that Landlords remain compliant. Book now online my Landlord Gas Check or call our team on 01902 212346.

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It is now widely known that Gas Engineers who are registered with Gas Safe are the only people that are allowed to work on any Landlords gas related appliances.

Overlooked your annual Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

It’s easily done — in the event that you’ve overlooked your annual Landlord Gas Check, call us for immediate support and our team will assist in securing a visit to you tenants to carry out the necessary Landlord Gas Check or Cp12. Our Gas Safe Registered Engineers will also issue a electronic Gas Safety Certificate direct from site and instantly email to you. Call now for same day service if you are in Stafford or Walsall we will still provide service from our Wolverhampton base.

Remove the worry about forgetting your landlord Gas Check

Cube have invested in a bespoke CRM system which manages the entire process with Landlord compliance to include a landlord Gas Check. Call our team and book you Landlord Gas Check and each year we will manage the process for you via our CRM issuing you with electronic certificates. Call our team on 01902 212346.

Landlord Gas Check

Landlord Gas Check

Landlord Gas Check

This is worth a reminder for all landlords!

What happens if I don’t maintain my tenants’ gas appliances?
Failure to do so may result in loss of life. Not only that, you risk being prosecuted, and this could result in you facing imprisonment or a fine of up to £20 000, or both, for each offence. If the case is then referred to the Crown Court the maximum penalty may be imprisonment, or an unlimited fine, or both. Take a look at the HSE link

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