Electrical Installation Condition Report

An Electrical Installation Condition Report, the issue with electrics is that most of the wiring is hidden in the walls.
Landlords can become complacent to believe that if the electrics are working – why fix something that’s not broken?

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Landlord details

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is for landlords whose rented property needs a full electrical inspection or for people who rent to the council.

There are generally two types of electrical testing requests:

  • A safety inspection (Visual inspection) of all accessible mains connected electrical wiring and electrical fixtures including the fuse box. This is provided with a report only.
  • An Electrical safety certificate (condition report) is a detail inspection and test, reporting any remedial work which needs to be carried out. This is provided with a report and certificate

Are you a Landlord looking for a:

Electrical safety inspection – Book now on line – £73.50 +vat
Electrical safety certificate – 
Book now on line – £130.00 +vat

electrical installation condition report

electrical installation condition report

electrical installation condition report

So what is recommended?

  • Every 5 years you should have your property checked, to make sure all electrics are in a safe satisfactory order.
  • Any electrical installations will deteriorate with age and it is paramount that systems are maintained appropriately to safeguard your tenants and property.
  • The EICR will examine and evaluate not only the deterioration of the installation, but also its safety.

It’s a worrying fact – Laws and Regulations 

A landlord must ensure that the electrical system and all appliances supplied are safe – failure to comply with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 and the Consumer Protection Act 1987 is a criminal offence and may result in:

  • £5,000 fine per item not complying
  • 6 month’s imprisonment
  • Manslaughter charges in the event of deaths
  • The Tenant may also sue you for civil damages
  • Property insurance may be invalidated

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