Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation is quite simply replacing an old dilapidated and expensive to run boiler with a new up to date ‘Grade A’  cost effective boiler, which in reality makes perfect sense, however we understand most people are put off by the thought that the process will be long winded and complicated and of course expensive. The cost will vary by the type of boiler you need but our fitting teams can have your new Grade A boiler installed with one day.

Looking to spread the cost with finance? — Take a look at our low deposit and zero deposit options from £15.72 per month 

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The percentage of boiler problems originating from a boiler that was made a decade ago is simply too high for anyone to think their boiler is fine. In truth the boiler could be fine, however, consideration needs to be given to how much has it cost you compared to the cost of a new Grade A energy efficient appliance. Why suffer from any more boiler problems? Check new boiler prices.

Looking for a new Gas Boiler? Try our instant online calculator – Get my estimate

However, rest assured we have fully Qualified Gas Safe Engineers who can carry out the work quickly and effectively, making the whole process run like water running from a tap. To assist yourself in choosing the right boiler, we have an online calculator for you to check the prices of a new gas Boiler Installation.

Why not check out our online calculator for a Gas Boiler Installation:  Check my new boiler price.

So! – Is it time to put an end to all those frustrating times of waking up in the morning to be greeted by a cold shower?

Well, all these problems will be virtually forgotten when we have replaced the ‘tired boiler’ with a new highly efficient unit. Fantasy that?  We can replace your boiler with an up to date model such as Ideal- Worcester or Vaillant which perform at a high level of efficiency making sure you have warmth and peace of mind.

Boiler installation

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gas boiler installation

Would you like to save up to £340?

This is no fib at all that with a new up to date ‘Grade A boiler’ it is widely reported preforming more than 90% energy efficient, which all in all could save you up to £340 on heating bills every year.
By any shout £340 is a lot of money to paying unnecessary, especially when it is so easy with us to apply for a new Boiler and have it installed. After all it is what we do.

Flexible payment Scheme.

We also offer a flexible payment scheme so you don’t have to pay the whole cost for your central heating system in one go. Gas Boiler installation Payment Scheme

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